Founders Meetings 2016/2017

Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held at: Morse Institute Library
14 East Central Street, Natick, MA 01760 • 508.647.6520

September 14, Wednesday

AM Program: My Summer Finds
Led by Founders Members
PM Program:
Dorothy-Lee Jones and Her Contributions to the Glass World
Presented by Jonathan Fairbanks Director, Fuller Craft Museum Former Curator of Decorative Arts at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts

October 5, Wednesday

FIeld Trip: to see the world-renowned "Glass Flowers"
The Harvard Museum of Natural History Cambridge, MA

November 19, Saturday

Glass ID Clinic: From 2:00 to 4:00 pm the Glass Detectives are back! Bring in your mystery pieces of glass to learn more about their maker, style, provenance, and age. We will be able to photograph and project on the screen the items that are brought in so that all can see as well as hear what the scoop is on the different pieces of glass. We will gather from 10:00am on to get set up; bring your lunch if you like. The Town of Natick will publicize the event, and we hope to have a large turnout. Join us to learn about a variety of glass manufacturers, techniques, and shapes, and share your glass enthusiasm with members of the public. Bring your friends and neighbors!

December 14, Wednesday

Holiday Luncheon and Silent Auction: Our special meal to celebrate the holidays will be catered and we will hold our Silent Auction throughout the day.
PM Program: Dorflinger's Legacy in Glass
Presented by Jim K. Asslestine
2015 marked the sesquicentennial (150th anniversary!) of Dorflinger glass production in the town of White Mills, Pennsylvania, where the factory operated from 1865 until 1921. The year 2015 also marked the opening of a new glass museum facility housed in the recently renovated Dorflinger factory building! Mr. Asselstine, who serves as Chairman of the Board of the Dorflinger Glass Museum and Owner/Director of the new Dorflinger Factory Museum, will share the beauty and history of this exquisite glass, which dazzled our Gilded Age nation and graced the tables of several White House administrations

March 8, Wednesday

AM Program: Studio Glass
Led by Founders Members
PM Program:
Nature in Glass
Presented by Chris Sherwin, Bellows Falls, VT
Chris Sherwin has worked in glass for 25 years, specializing in designs inspired by nature. Almost all of his work involves some aspect of torchwork decoration applied to the surface or encased torchwork creations. He makes his own glass and canes in his environmentally-conscious hydro-powered studio. Chris studied glassblowing at Southern Connecticut State University and apprenticed at Simon Pearce. He also spent seven years at Orient & Flume Art Glass, an internationallyrenowned glass studio in Chico, CA known for their iridescent vases, intricate paperweights, and torchwork designs. He opened his own studio in Bellows Falls in 2005 where he makes a variety of paperweights, vessels, animal sculptures, seasonally themed, and other objects.

April 12, Wednesday

AM Program: No Transparency - Milk and Other Opaque Glass
Led by Founders Members
PM Program:
A Survey of Glass Designers
Presented by Founders Member Louis Lopilato
Building on his recent, highly-successful display at the Newton library, Louis will talk with us about some of the all-time great glass designers of the 20th century. See the photos, hear about the designers' style and evolution, and (maybe) touch the glass! Not to be missed!

May 17, Wednesday

Luncheon and Silent Auction: Our meal will be catered and we will hold our Silent Auction throughout the day.
PM Program:
A Collector's Tiffany Odyssey: The Good, The Bad, and the Different
Presented by Jay Doros
Mr. Doros, former President of the Fellows of the Corning Museum of Glass and a leading authority on the art glass of Louis Comfort Tiffany, will share his glass collecting adventure with us and survey the amazing creations of America's most famous name in glass!