Founders Meetings 2017/2018

Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held at: Morse Institute Library
14 East Central Street, Natick, MA 01760 • 508.647.6520

September 13, Wednesday

AM Program: My Summer Finds
Led by Founders Members
PM Program:
Iridescent Stretch Glass – Yes, We Have Your Favorite Color!
Presented by Cal Hackeman President, Stretch Glass Society
Iridescent stretch glass was introduced in 1916 and took the market by storm. Originally introduced in only a few colors by Imperial, Fenton, and Northwood glass companies, over the next 16+ years nine American glass companies would produce stretch glass in nearly 100 varieties of pastel and vibrant colors, even black and white. Come see and learn about one of the best kept secrets in the world of antique glassware. Cal Hackeman, President of the Stretch Glass Society for over 10 years, will bring examples of many of the colors of stretch glass in a variety of shapes and sizes.

October 11, Wednesday

FIeld Trip: Visit the newly-designed Glass House and behind-the-scenes collections at Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA
We will be treated to a curator-led tour of the glass collection at The Glass House which has recently been updated in consultation with Jeff Evans (world-class auctioneer and appraiser). Our docent will lead us through the Glass House and the Lighting collection. She will then take us to collections not on public view and show us glass, china and tools. This is an opportunity not to be missed! Guests are most welcome.

November 8, Wednesday

AM Program: Glass from the Boudoir to the Powder Room
Led by Amy Boches
For this month's member discussion please bring your glass beauties made for the bedroom or vanity such as powder jars, puff boxes, perfumes, vanity sets, and guest sets (tumble-ups). Also included are those glass accessories made for the bathroom such as barber bottles, shaving mugs, cotton ball holders, towel bars, and soap dishes.
PM Program:
Josh Simpson: Outta This World!
We will watch the 2001 video "Where the Earth Meets the Sky" about Josh and his glass. We will also watch a bonus video about Dominick Labino called "The Man and his Art". Members are encouraged to bring any Simpson and/or Labino pieces in your collection to share. We will also watch a video about Josh and his glass.

December 13, Wednesday

Holiday Luncheon and Silent Auction: Our special meal to celebrate the holidays will be catered and we will hold our Silent Auction throughout the day.
PM Program: The Colors of the A.H. Heisey Co.
Presented by Stephen Pescatore
Former V.P. of Houghton Chemical Corp., now retired, Steve is an avid collector, student and dealer of antique glass from all periods for over 30 years. His collection ranges from early "Roman" to modern with a high emphasis on glass produced by the A.H. Heisey Company. He is president of the Bay State Heisey Collectors Club. The A.H. Heisey Co. of Newark, Ohio produced glass from 1896 to 1957. During that time they provided high quality glass in hundreds of patterns for every use conceivable. As any company who wished to remain in business and stay profitable would have done, they kept up with the buying trends of the homemaker at the time. This meant producing not only colorless glass that was clear and brilliant, but also in various colors: opaque, transparent pastels, and intense, dark colors. This program will be about those colors produced by Heisey throughout their 60 years of business.

March 14, Wednesday

AM Program: A wee bit of Green and Irish Glass
Led by Founders Members
In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day when we are all Irish, let's celebrate by displaying our green glass pieces along with any color of glass from Ireland.
PM Program:
Neodymium Glass
It's pink. No, it's blue! No, wait, now it's pink again! Glass made with the rare earth metal neodymium has the extraordinary property of changing color under different light sources. In natural light it's pink. In fluorescent light it's blue. Neodymium was discovered by an Austrian chemist in 1885, and its first commercial use was for coloring glass at the Moser glassworks in Vienna beginning in 1927. Other glass companies quickly developed neodymium formulae of their own, including the American companies Heisey, Fostoria, Cambridge, Steuben, and Tiffin. Please join our presentation to see these colors for yourself. You won't believe your eyes! No, wait, you will!

April 11, Wednesday

Luncheon and Silent Auction: Our meal will be catered and we will hold our Silent Auction throughout the day.
PM Program:
Vaseline Glass
Presented by Alice Saville Past President of Founders Chapter
Vaseline Glass. Doesn't sound very appealing. Uranium Glass. Even worse. But wait before you judge. It all started almost 200 years ago with Franz Riedel in Bohemia and continues on until today, albeit with a few interruptions due to wars and shortages. The bright green glow produced from this glassware is created by the addition of uranium oxide and is most extreme under a black (UV) light. The base color of the glass varies from opaque green to transparent yellow, but the brilliant, shocking green glow under ultraviolet light is the same. Come and experience this fantastic trick of nature and share in the unbridled passion that so many of us have for Yellow/Green Vaseline glass.

May 10-12, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

National American Glass Club Annual Glass Seminar Portland, Maine
Founders Chapter will have a prominent presence at this year's NAGC seminar with some of our glass-expert members giving presentations. We would love to have a large Founders Chapter turnout to support our fellow member speakers, so please plan on attending. Plus there will be a lot more to see and do!.At the studios of Dan Dailey and Linda MacNeil, we will get to the see how the creative and glassmaking process unfolds for these renowned glass artists. Next is an only-available-this-one-time trip to see a beautiful private collection. At the Portland Museum of Art, we will see rare storage pieces plus view their glass displays. And there is much more - visiting Old Port, the Victoria Mansion, the glass presentations, the Saturday Night Banquet and silent auction with more still being planned. Inquire about registration information and all the details.