The National American Glass Club, Ltd., is a non-profit educational organization for those interested in the study and appreciation of glass, of all types and periods.

The club's membership includes those from the professional glass world, such as antique dealers, museum curators and authors, as well as those from the general public who have an appreciation for glass as an art form. Through discussion, exploration, and identification, we are able to enjoy and understand the delicate art of glass making.

In 1933, when the club was originally formed in Boston, interest was in glass made primarily in the 1800s. Presently our group has 13 chapters nationwide with humdreds of members and our study of glass now includes that from the Roman times to the latest in contemporary studio glass.


Emails will be sent out regularly to our members. If you would like to join our group, ensuring your receipt of our communications, please let us know by writing to president@founderschapter.org.